Viking 912600 8-Way Heavy Duty Spray Nozzle

I spent decades trying to use hand spray technology built for the bath, hemorrhaging money on $40 clumsy contraptions with ridiculous hoses that last a few weeks before splitting open at one of their endless corrugation seams. I showered more loads of cash on them than they did water on me.

What’s the purpose of that design, anyway? It looks like a sewer snake and someone confused one bathroom furnishing with another.

I switched to the same engineering issue that has been perfected for the great outdoors, like a 3-foot garden hose and a this nozzle. It’s way less complicated, efficient, indestructable — and $15 for both.

(The hose is pleasantly maleable, good quality, $10, and at B0006MTRJ2)

This nozzle seems to have all the fancy spray settings (that I never had time to find and use on the ones built for the bath before they broke), and the water streams feel real good.

My bathroom sink is near the bathtub, so I use that faucet. Your problem, if you try this, will be to find an adapter from the faucet to the garden hose. The vendors on Amazon don’t believe in sharing their trade secrets — like the highly-classified dimensions of their products — with us mere customers, so good luck.

So for the first time I am pampered in the shower like the lucky plants outside in the garden.


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