PrideSports Practice Golf Balls, Foam, 12 Count, Yellow

I’ve bought a lot of practice balls, both foam and dimpled. These golf balls fly really well. So well, in fact, that you need a good bit of space to practice with them. They are soft, almost springy, when you use them and will bounce (although not much). Using my PW I was able to send these about 60 yards with a smooth swing and good contact.

Obviously heavier balls will go farther (within reason, of course). So for reference sake, I weighed them to compare them with others. Here are the numbers:

This product (dimpled), Pride Sports: 7 grams
Callaway dimpled balls: 9 grams
Generic no name dimpled balls: 8.5 grams
Slazenger dimpled balls: 15 grams

Foam balls (no dimples), from Dicks: 3.5 grams

Having said that, I will buy more of these as long as they are cheaper than the Callaways. I have noticed that the price has slowly creeped up, so they may not continue to be a good deal. If the price goes up to equal the callaways, I prefer the heavier ball (and 2 grams does make a difference!)


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