Ozeri Pronto Digital Multifunction Kitchen and Food Scale, Elegant Black

I bought this scale in July to replace the EatSmart digital scale that died — or maybe I should say I killed, since I spilled water on it. So this is a comparison review of both scales. I had two EatSmart scales, so I was able to compare them side by side.

Accuracy: Both showed exactly the same weight to the gram, so I’m guessing they are each very, very accurate.

Appearance: A matter of taste, but to my eye the EatSmart tear drop shape is nicer looking. It’s also slightly cleaner looking. I notice that Ozeri has a different model that looks exactly like the the EatSmart model now at a slightly higher price point.

Price: This scale was 15 dollars when I bought it. Way cheaper than the 25 dollars I paid for the EatSmart.

Function: Both function well. As I said above, I killed my EatSmart by spilling (a lot of) water on it. Seems like it shouldn’t be quite that fragile, but it may just be the nature of the beast, so I’m not downrating it for that, but it’s something to note. The EatSmart display is slightly larger and may be a tad easier to read. The Ozeri has a couple of functions that the EatSmart does not: ml (which reads exactly the same as grams, so I don’t think that’s especially helpful) and lb/oz, which I think is helpful. The lb/oz would display 20 oz as 1lb 4oz instead of 1.25 pounds.

Both have automatic turn-off functions to preserve battery. The Ozeri turns off sooner than the EatSmart–sometimes a little too soon for me, but it’s not a big deal.

Durability: While the Ozeri looks cheaper, I think it’s actually slightly better designed. The function keys (Tare and Unit) are sealed and when you press them they always work. The function keys on the EatSmart are not sealed and they are designed in a way that when you press them sometimes you have to press them a couple of times to get them to function.

Bottom line: Both the Ozeri and the EatSmart work great. I think the Ozeri may be slightly more durable (but big caveat here because I’ve only had it for four months and haven’t spilled anything on it–I had my EatSmart for 1.5 years). To my eye the EatSmart is a nicer design. The Ozeri is way cheaper and has slightly more functionality.


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