Apple TV MD199LL/A

If this is going to be your only Apple device, there are probably better choices. But if you live in an Apple “ecosystem”, this is the final piece, bringing everything to your TV screen. Macs,iPhones and iPads are all enhanced by this little box.

We have six of these. They are trouble-free, allow airplay in a few seconds, and brilliantly display and play your entire local iTunes library – the ultimate closed circuit on-demand setup for those of us with large collections. And with Airplay off an iOS device, they DO PLAY AMAZON content, too. At the lower price, this is a great value in an Apple centric home.

The latest A1469 hardware works as well as the older A1427 version, uses less electricity, and supports peer to peer airplay for guests. Apple has been keeping the software updated, and the internet content roster continues to grow. No wallwart, stable wireless performance, and wired ethernet, too. Strap to the back of the TV, and it takes no space. What’s not to like?

This will also work with older analog TVs with a suitable HDMI converter.


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